This is a really relaxing time for a baby as it takes them back to being safe in the womb.

I’m lucky in that I have a bath large enough for all of us to get into. Baths are another time where you can’t do much else other than the task at hand. It’s very mindful. It’s another very focused one to one time that you can share and bond.


You can use a baby bath, bath bucket, normal bath with insert and even the sink. Remember to keep the air at least 20 degrees centigrade when bathing. A top tip is to get everything ready before you start the process as this really helps to keep it relaxed.

Using traditional baby baths in hospital or the obligatory emergency ‘sink baths’, afford you one to one bonding times that are even more special due to the close proximity between you and baby.

You can sing songs like ‘row, row, row your boat’,  ‘dance to your daddy’, ‘mud glorious mud’ and many more. Make eye contact and also have fun with the drying process.