You can also use your voice and touching to increase and support your baby and partner so they feel safe and secure and able to labour with ease as you are holding space and being an advocate where necessary.

You may also be putting on different music from different play lists. Making your partner laugh by doing silly dances with her, throwing some shapes. This will promote the love hormones that support labour and also the baby.

You could be the first person to announce the gender of your baby, and also could be the one to support and catch the baby or bring them to the surface of the water onto your partner’s chest.

If you are having a woman-centred caesarean you may also be talking calmly, reading relaxation scripts and both be able to see baby being slowly walked out whilst the drapes are down.  You will be supporting your partner to stabilise the baby on her chest or even have skin to skin if that is what you decide as a couple is best.

Skin to skin in an amazing way to bond with your baby and help colonise the baby with your bacteria (which helps to create a very healthy microbiome). You may be having the first cuddles whilst your partner is birthing the placenta.

You may wish to be the one that cuts the umbilical cord or even dress the placenta if you have decided to Lotus birth. You may wish to research your options of delayed cord clamping and physiological birthing of the placenta via a managed third stage. It will be important that you ensure the midwife/doctors know your preferred choice that you may have put in a birth plan document.

You may wish to put on the first nappy and support mother and baby in dressing and doing the first few nappies so that your partner can rest and recuperate after the birth. You will be supporting as much as you can, having your changing area ready and knowing where everything is.