Research shows that from as early as 25 weeks’ gestation, your baby can distinguish different voices.  So spend time talking to the baby in the uterus. Do you have a name for the bump? Over the years, I have heard some amazing bump names like ‘duck’, ‘peapod’, ‘peanut’ and even taurine.

Talking to the bump can feel silly but it is so beneficial for the developing baby.


Some of the books we read to our eldest child which subsequently got shelved, became firm favourites with our second child, probably from hearing it in the womb. The same was true of songs we sung and music we played.

Lee, dad of two


We know that music and songs heard in the womb can also calm down and settle babies when they are adapting to the outside world. The time spent now is so beneficial for you and your developing attachment.

Research also shows that the baby can distinguish between the touch of mum and the touch of dad and other significant family members so if you are expanding your family also get the siblings involved too.

So with your partner’s permission touch, hold and caress the bump and spend time each day falling in love with the bump. This promotes the production of the hormones which your partner and baby are making and this in turn provides as rush of hormones to the baby in the uterus which also relaxes the baby.

Learning to massage mum or use soothing strokes also promotes the hormones and oxygen enriched blood going to baby which in turn reduces cortisol levels and also creates support for your partners body which is working so hard to nature your baby.