Consultancy Led

Your partner may, for one reason or another, be classed as having a high risk pregnancy and be advised to give birth in a consultant led unit. These units (labour wards) are within hospitals and your partner will be cared for by experienced midwifes & doctors.

Your partner may be classed as having a high risk pregnancy for many reasons. The most common are that your partner has an existing medical condition that may complicate, or be complicated, by her pregnancy or that your partner is to have her labour induced.

In the Consultancy led unit your partner will be supported by midwives but will have access to doctors if needed, an anesthetist if your partner requests an epidural.

Midwifery Led Unit

One of the options available to you and your partner when choosing where your baby is to be born is a midwifery led unit, within the hospital. Midwifery led units are staffed by midwives and usually a good option for low risk Mums and babies (healthy Mums and babies, with no seen risks for labour).  A midwifery led unit is often seen as middle ground between home births and consultancy led units.  Midwifery Led units are a more relaxed environment than Consultancy led units often made to feel like a home from home experience, with low lighting, water pools, music and soft furnishings to help you and your partner be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.