Parenting does not come with an instruction manual and we all just go through it and learn as we go. Most new parents will look at how they are doing things and wonder if there is an easier way.

With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks that might help you along the way and keep some of the hassle out of parenting.

1. Baby grows

Ever been caught out by a poo explosion and had to try and peel off your baby’s baby grow and avoid smearing the results on their face? By using the envelope folds on a baby’s onesie to pull down off your baby, you prevent having to drag the soiled bottom over their head in the event of a toilet incident.

2. Nails

Trying to cut your child’s nails is at times like trying to wrestle a crocodile mid ‘death roll’.

So why not try this, wait until they have been asleep for 20 minutes and by then they will have fallen into a deep enough sleep for you to trim away – cutting the stress out of cutting.

3. Packing

What’s worse that your baby having a mega toilet accident whilst out and about? Your baby having a toilet accident onto you.

Packing a change of clothes for your child in their bag is a given, but by packing a change of shirt for yourself means that any spit, spew or poo won’t end your outing prematurely.

4. Other children

Some babies are obviously boys and some are obviously girls, some can be difficult to judge at first glance. Nothing is more awkward than meeting another parent for the first time and mistaking their baby for one or the other incorrectly.

Avoid gender mistakes by asking the baby his/her name directly and the parent will answer for them, saving you the embarrassment of guessing.

5. Formula

For those families that are formula feeding their baby, you may well be frustrated with the water cooling times stated in the instructions by the manufacturer. When you have a hungry and shouting baby, that 30 minutes can seem like 30 years.

Some manufacturers advise that by halving the amount of boiled water in the kettle, you can half the wait time for it to cool. Therefore, baby gets fed quicker and you attend their needs more efficiently.

So there we have it, a few little tips that may help you get through the hazy first days of fatherhood. You will learn many more parenting lessons along the way and your journey will teach you something new every day.

Enjoy the ride!