One of the biggest decisions you’ll make about caring for your new baby is how to feed them..  This decision is something that your midwife will begin to discuss with you and your partner very early in pregnancy, right about the time that you may notice your partner’s body, specifically her breasts, getting ready for the task. Milk provides all of a baby’s nutritional needs for the first 6 months of life and then continues to form a significant part of their diet through infancy and into childhood. Breastmilk is the perfect choice for a newborn as it contains all the nutrients a baby needs and there are many health benefits for mum and baby. It’s free, convenient and helps mum and baby to form a strong bond.

However, breastfeeding is a very personal decision and may not be right for every family; other parents begin breastfeeding but through choice, necessity or on the advice of a health professional introduce bottle feeds. Formula milk provides an alternative that is manufactured to meet all a baby’s nutritional needs.