As a new parent it can be possible to get a little transfixed by milestones. 

“Ah, my nephew didn’t start walking till he was 18 months and my fabulous daughter is already walking at just 11 months.” *smug inner grin*

This is all well and good and can be a little bit of fun between changing nappies and life being suddenly so much busier than it’s ever been; but the problem is when your baby misses a milestone or your friend or your partner’s friend’s baby hits a milestone earlier.  It is then that parents can get worried and stressed for no reason.

If you look at the milestones presented in this booklet from the NHS each has quite a wide time frame, because it is so difficult to say at what age each baby or child will pick up a new skill.

Each child is different and will reach their own milestones in their own time.  Parenting isn’t and shouldn’t be a contest; if it does become a contest stress very often follows.

So bear that in mind and spend less time focused on milestones and more time just enjoying spending time with your baby.

Your Health Visitor will do developmental checks at key points in your child’s life.

If you are worried about your baby then do call your Health Visitor to talk it through at any time.