Men should be encouraged by society as a whole to accept and not ignore their sensitivities.

Being a Dad, it’s amazing. However it often feels like you do not matter. There is much less support for dads. There is no time for dads to do things like go to parent and child groups. As the dad you just have to get on with returning to work and then having to adjust to everything around that. When your partner is ill that puts a lot of pressure on you to keep going. I have had almost no support. I have had to take a lot of time off work for my partner which is difficult with finance and job security which is very hard when your family needs you. Through it all you have to be a support for your family, a father, a partner and get on with work without there being anything to support you.

I think there’s a problem with certain aspects of male culture that mean men associate birth as being a particularly female thing and something that men don’t know much about or even wish to participate in. I think in some cases men need to be much better educated about the whole proves of pregnancy and birth, and given advice as to how they can help their partner through both.

I think as a man, it’s us who need to change our attitude. We just think we have to get on with it because it’s much harder on our wives, but the reality is if perhaps we have someone to talk to about it at the time, it wouldn’t feel such a millstone and would help us to help our wives better. I had conversations with friends with children at the time, and our general consensus amongst the dads was that we were fine. However, as we’ve got older, almost all of us admitted that it was much harder than we let on to each other at the time.