Ten interesting (we hope) facts about your baby’s life in the womb.

  1. It is likely that your partner is not actually pregnant until week four of the pregnancy – the pregnancy meter starts from the last day of your partner’s period not when she first becomes pregnant.
  1. At ten weeks pregnant your little one is now known as a foetus and is one inch long already. From now till your baby is born they will increase in size by nearly 1000 times.
  1. At 17 weeks your baby is similar size to a hamster.
  1. At 22 weeks your little one looks like a miniature newborn and blood is traveling through his or her umbilical cord at four miles an hour!
  1. During week 26 your baby’s ears are fully formed and can start to detect sound, in a few weeks your baby will be responsive to noises.
  1. Your baby can smell and taste at 28 weeks.
  1. At 30 weeks your baby is surrounded by one and a half pints of amniotic fluid and is between 15-17 inches long. He will only grow a few more inches although he will put lots of weight on.
  1. At 32 weeks your baby is beginning to practice breathing.
  1. From 34 weeks some believe that baby can dream.
  1. From 37 weeks your baby starts to make pooh in their intestines.