There are many different statistics around stating how many dads are affected by mental health problems after the birth of their baby.  Some studies say 10% of dads struggle, whereas other studies state just 4%.  The problem with these and all statistics like them is that they are largely guesswork as we can not possibly know how many dads suffer in silence.  The team at Forging Families have surveyed dads and been told that dads often feel that there is no opportunity for them to ask for help or that they feel it’s not the right time to seek help, as they should be supporting their partner.  The mental health of a dad is very important and can impact upon the whole family, so if you can’t seek help for yourself, do it as another way of looking after your family.  Speak to your partner, a friend, a family member or go and see your GP.  You can also self refer to IAPT services for depression, anxiety, worrying thoughts etc.

Listen to what one of our dads, Paul Webster says about his journey and to what Mark Williams, a leading figure in Dad’s mental health says on the matter.

We look at how you can support your partner if she is suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety, and also the effects of birth trauma on both mum and dad.